3 Quick Easy Things to Forget When Training Your Puppy or Dog!

Dog Obedience Classes for Your Dog

It is an accepted fact that a dog is a man’s best friend. However what is not often said is that the same untrained dog can also be a man’s worst nightmare. Therefore, dog training is a very important aspect of owning a dog.

Dog In the City

Having an urban dog doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, living with Rover in the city can be a breeze!

Bichon Problems Potential Owners Should Know About

The bichon is growing in popularity as more and more people are buying into the breed. As with any dog, there are specific health issues that are common to the breed and every owner should be prepared for.

Bichon Grooming: The Puppy Cut

The bichon is a beautiful dog, but their beauty if often hard to maintain. In this article we will discuss two popular methods for bichon grooming: finding a groomer, and home grooming.

The English Bull Terrier – A Guide to Health and Grooming

The English Bull Terrier (often abreviated to EBT or Bullie) is a loyal, strong and sturdy animal. Although regular grooming and inspection can help greatly they do however suffer from several health problems as described here due sometimes due to their inflexible body.

The Healthiest Dog Food Is Right At Home – What’s In The Other Stuff Anyways?

Eating healthy should be a part of your everyday life. Why not make that a part of your dog’s life too? Is the store bought dog food the healthiest dog food you can give your dog?

Protect Your Pet at Night With the Pet Blinkie

Walking the dog at night can be a hazardous activity, but for most responsible pet owners they cannot do otherwise as they may have a busy daytime schedule. Walking your dog is a critical form of exercise for your canine and yourself, however due to decreased visibility you and your dog may fall prey to some of the many dangers at night. Often one of the best ways to prevent accidents from occurring is through the use of pet safety lights on your dog.

What Should I Feed My Puppy or Dog?

Knowing what and how to feed your puppy or dog is crucial to their health. Learn now to avoid mistakes later.

Why Dog Toys Are Important

Does your best friend get all the necessary exercise that he needs? Do you interact with your dog by playing games with him or her? Frisbee, balls or just a stick, what does your dog like best?

Are Boxer Dogs The Right Breed For You?

When looking to join the ranks of boxer dog ownership, or ownership of any dog breed, it is very important to make sure you choose the right breed for your personality, temperament and circumstances, both for your sake and the sake of your new family member…equally as important as choosing the right dog breed, have you considered what your role is in dog ownership?

Protect Your Dog With a Life Jacket

You might think it is silly to put a dog in a life jacket when they know how to swim. However, there are certain situations where a life jacket can prove to be necessary. Even the best swimmers can use a little extra help now and then.

Daniel Stevens: Can You Trust Him To Train Your Dog?

Daniel Stevens is a famous professional dog trainer who has written a spectacular guide called The Secrets to Dog Training. It is geared towards dog owners who train their own pets and follows a common sense approach to dog behavior.   Stevens believes that in order to train your dog you need to train yourself first.

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