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How to Stop Your Dog From Stealing Food Off The Table

Surely, when it comes to bad dog behavior, there isn’t much more frustrating than placing a delicious plate of food on the table, forgetting to place a cover on it, and returning to discover your dog has enjoyed your dinner. Not only is your food gone, but your dog is eating food that probably isn’t good for him.

How To Keep Your Dog From Getting On The Sofa

I once had a dog who refused to stop getting on the sofa. Sure, I taught him to stay off the sofa when I was home, but as soon as I went to sleep or left the house, I could hear him jumping back up in his favorite spot on the sofa and he got doggy fur all over the clean upholstery. We fought this battle for most of his life and I was always frustrated. Since that time, though, I’ve learned a lot of little tricks and ways of training a dog so you can keep your fur friend off the sofa, and that training starts when your dog is young.

How Often Should My Dog Have A Bath?

People often want to know how often their dog should get a bath. That doesn’t always mean that they want to give their dog a bath, however! It’s not always fun to give your dog a bath, especially if he’s the kind of dog who hates getting in the tub. In that case, giving your dog a bath can be a terrible experience, for you and for your dog.

Dog Training – Building Interior Smell Detection Exercises

While conducting building interior smell detection exercises, the dog is required to examine the walls in a sequential clock-wise manner. Therefore, as you begin this training the smell and dummy should be concealed in the wall at a location near the floor where he can easily and quickly detect the odour and gain his reward.

What You Need To Know If You’re Getting A Dog For Christmas

In this article, I’m going to discuss the choices and preparations you need to make if you’re bringing home a dog or puppy for Christmas. The decisions you make could prove to be either the best decisions for you and your new four-legged friend, or an absolute nightmare! There are sure to be things that you simply haven’t thought of.

How to Potty Train a Puppy – 5 Tips You Need to Know

Potty training a puppy can be a very long and frustrating experience, depending on the puppy. Some dogs learn quickly and almost naturally, while others seem to struggle with it for months before they “get it”. In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips to help those dog owners who have a challenging puppy when it comes to potty training. By using these simple, yet effective tricks, your puppy will be toilet trained in no time.

Dogs Language and What You Should Know About It

If you own or have owned dogs sometime in your life, you must have experienced watching behaviors that you have wondered the meaning of and possibly wanted to know about this particular dog language that could help you understand your dog much better. Because we humans use another type of communication, it is usually really hard for us to try to determine what dogs do to let themselves be understood by other dogs. The way they do it is always very clear to other members of their species, but seems to be virtually impossible for us unless we…

Italian Dog Breeds Uncovered: Neapolitan Mastiff and the Italian Greyhound

In this article I am going to shed some light on two of the lesser known dog breeds for which has been attributed guardian. The first is the Neapolitan Mastiff, a monster of a creature with its roots in Assyrian-Babylonian times, while the other is the Italian Greyhound.

Stop My Puppy Biting – The Biggest Mistake You’re Making

So your puppy is biting… fine that is normal and its easy to fix,just make sure you do it the right way

How To Read Your Dog’s Body Language

Ever wondered what your dog is doing when they are interacting with another dog? Do you sometimes feel like you’re watching something in a foreign language as your dog communicates with another one that you have just met on your walk Sometimes it can be really frustrating not knowing whether to step in and stop your dog or let the activity go on. You’d be amazed how many people misread their dog’s behavior and yet it’s actually pretty easy – when you know how!

8 Dog Training Tips for New Owners

So, you just brought home that cute new puppy. Maybe you got your puppy from a great breeder and you’ve been waiting to bring her home for weeks. Or, perhaps you worked with your local animal shelter to adopt a dog that needed a home. Whatever the case, if you have a new dog you will probably soon start thinking about training her.

Training Your Dog With Praise and Reward

We all look for the most effective ways to train our dogs. We want them to learn and to enjoy learning. The more a dog enjoys learning, the better he learns. One of the best ways of training your dog is through praise and reward.

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