Funniest & Cutest Golden Retriever Puppies #28 – Funny Puppy Videos 2019

Excellent Golden Retriever Puppy Training – Based On Facts Not Myths

Can your Golden Retriever be your partner? Or does he need you to be his top dog? Would you like to be bossed about by neighbours and kids? Why allow them to do this to your precious fur baby? Read on to find out how all these points come together in your dog training ambitions.

Crate Training Your Adult Dog

A crate is the greatest gift you can give your dog. I’ve always told my clients that a crate is so important and can be used for so many different things from house training to providing a safe place for your dog to be when you’re not at home.

City Dogs And My Sympathy For Them

I have always felt sorry for city dogs as I’m a country dweller. Today I share a story where I offended a woman and her little dog.

Stop Your Dog From Jumping On You The Easy Way

This is probably one of the most asked behavior problems. The good thing is that it can easily be fixed with very little effort in less than 24 hours. Let me tell you how and then go give it a try.

Help for Your Anxious Dog

Is your new dog showing signs of anxiousness or fearfulness? Such behavior can make life difficult for both of you and will likely get worse if left untreated. Learn how to recognize this problem and some methods of treatment. Both you and your dog will benefit!

Stop The Barking The Easy Way

As a professional dog trainer for almost 3 decades I have seen and tried many different methods to teach a dog not to bark. However for the last 10 years I have been using a method that seems to always work and my clients love.

5 Reasons Not All Dog Trainers Are Successful In Business

Quite often dog trainers do not realize that there is more to knowing how to train dogs when it comes to owning your own business. You need to know how to do a bunch of other things in order to have a successful business. This article will cover some of those things.

3 More Questions Dog Owner Ask

As a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist I receive a bunch of questions from dog owners from all over the world. Here are a few more of the most common questions I have received.

3 Questions Dog Owners Ask

As a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist I receive a bunch of questions from dog owners from all over the world. Here are a few of the most common questions I have received.

Disability Guide 101: How To Get Your Own Service Dog

Service dogs or service animals are in demand today more than ever. These animals help their human handlers to navigate in the real world, and depending on the handler’s disability, these animals are trained to ensure that their human will be able to live a normal life as much as possible.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training – Why, What And How?

Training your Golden Retriever puppy to your own standards is an investment which will bear fruit as your furry friend grows up. Don’t just follow what others say but find your own reasons and goals. After all, your Golden puppy is your dream come true and it is up to you to teach him whatever you need him to know.

5 Things That Will Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

1. Water. You probably already know that dogs need fresh, clean water at all times. All of us do. But if you want to remove as many toxins as possible from your dog’s water and do everything possible to keep him healthy, think about using a water filter.

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