I REFUSE to Be the “Alpha”. What 4 weeks of Positive Reinforcement looks like with an Untrained Dog.

Giving Your Dog His Personal Space By Providing Dog Beds

You just arrived at home from a long day of work at the office, and are ready to hit the sack. As you are excited to rest on your comfortable bed, you are distraught to find that your beloved canine companion has beaten you to it.

Skin Conditions in Dogs Can Be Cured

Skin conditions in dogs, as in anyone, can be common. The modern world is highly toxic, with toxins in the air, the food, the water, the furnishings. It’s hard to avoid altogether, although every effort should be made to minimise exposure. This is as true for your dog as it is for you.

Reducing Airborne Dog Hair – 5 Ways To Get The Hair Out Of Your Air

Dog hair that is attached to your dog is great, but when it starts to fly around in your air it doesn’t seem as attractive to you or your family and friends. One of the best ways to reduce the amount that you have to deal with in the air is to reduce the amount that is available to go airborne. Here are 5 things you can do to keep hair out of your air.

Back to Work or School After the Long Summer? What Are You Going to Do With Your Pooch?

You’ve been pampering your pooch all summer long with outdoor walks, hours full of dog park fun, and beautiful days spent on the beach. Well now that summer is over, NOOOO!!!! IT CAN”T – well it is, don’t force your canine to sit home alone all day. Research boarding, doggy day cares, training schools, or even boot camps (if you have the funds of course).

Migaloo The Magnificent! The Canine Archeologist

I would like to present to you, Migaloo, a 3 year-old Black Lab mix. His claim to fame? Well, this special canine is being anointed as the Indiana Jones of the dog world. Accompanied by her human, dog expert Gary Jackson, these two archeologists are digging up what may provide us with the key to unearthing ancient sites of great civilizations around the globe.

Tips for Caring for Indoor Dogs

Caring for an indoor dog is very different from caring for a dog that lives outside. In many ways, it is a far greater responsibility. If you are thinking of getting an indoor dog or need tips on how to take care of one that you already have, the following information will be helpful for you. Allow these tips for caring for indoors dogs to help make owning an indoor dog easier.

Train Your Dog the Easy Way Using These Simple Advices

A companion dog is a great way of making your home a more positive and energetic environment. Dogs have their own unique way of making us laugh and generally relieve tension and make us forget all about the stress at work. But they also need some of our attention.

About Dog Agility Training

What is dog agility? How can I get involved in dog agility training?

Protect Your Pets From Fleas and Ticks To Prevent Home Invasion

If you have been a pet owner for a few years, you are probably familiar with the annoying and frustrating problem of fleas and ticks. For pets living in warm areas where the bugs never die in the winter, fleas are almost 100% guaranteed to attack your dog at one time or another, probably more often than not.

How To Compare Dog Foods

If Fido’s been a bit picky about the food you have been serving him lately, here is how you can make Fido smile and compare dog foods at the same time. A picky eater may be the signal it’s time to switch up and find a better quality dog food. But how?

Training Bulldog Puppies

Training a Bulldog is best done when it is still a puppy as with most other dogs. The whole idea is backed up by the fact that a dog has a longer time to grasp a particular routine if it starts training early. With this in mind, there are a few steps to consider when training bulldog puppies. Although training a puppy may not be an easy task, all it requires is strategy and dedication.

Summer’s Over? Oh Well, TIme to Fall Into Autumn With Your Dog!

With summer quickly coming to a close and the days of colorful foliage soon to be upon us, it’s time to begin planning great fall activities with your dog. The cooling temperatures provide awesome opportunities to spend time in comfortable weather and to appreciate time outdoors without the worry of heat stroke and other summer dangers.

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