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Four Reasons Why Rent-A-Puppy Is a Horrible Idea

I recently read an article about a college student making money by renting out puppies. Yes, I said RENTING out puppies! This is so very wrong for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that is bad for the puppy’s development.

Why The Amish Are So Heavily Involved With Puppy Mills and How We Stop It

As publicity about the horrors of puppy mills is increasing, more and more people are shocked to learn that the Amish are responsible for a large part of the puppy trade. People who are interested in animal welfare want to know how this ever happened and how it can be stopped.

Preventing Your Dog From Becoming “Aggressive”

Dog fights almost never happen “out of the blue”. There are plenty of warning signs but it’s hard for dog owners to recognize them until it’s too late. Half the battle of dealing with dog aggression involves keeping your dog from getting too excited or aroused. This article uses the analogy of an “empty glass” to help readers better understand how aggression arises and how to be better prepared to prevent it in the future.

Puppy Nipping: What Goes Wrong and How to Fix It

Many puppy owners are left at a complete loss when dealing with puppy nipping. Most of the typical solutions offered to new puppy owners fall wildly short of offering any real help. This article outlines why most methodologies fall short and how to be sure your own puppy can learn to use his little shark teeth in a more productive way!

How to Treat Dogs Dry Skin at Home

If your dog is suffering from dry, itchy skin, there are several long-accepted remedies you can try at home. Unless your pet is going crazy with itching, save yourself the vet bill and give the following suggestions a try.

The Art of Developing a Confident Dog Through Proper Socialization

Not all socialization is good socialization. While we’ve been taught to expose our young puppies to as many new experiences as possible, we may actually be harming if we don’t do it properly. Learn in this article, how to be sure your puppy grows up to be a confident, happy dog ready to explore his world without any fear. It’s not as simple as you might think!

Are There More Aggressive Dogs Than There Used to Be?

This article takes an in-depth look at the reasons why dog trainers and owners seem to be encountering more and more cases of dog aggression. Is it all in our imagination or is there really something going on here? The answers may be surprising.

Innovative Ways to Stuff a Dog Toy

We’ve all got our tried and true tactics and toys for keeping our pups entertained while we’re away for the day, but what about filling some of those dog toys with tasty and nutritious treats? Here are just a few recipes, courtesy of the ASPCA, to try at home that’ll keep your dog satisfied, happy and healthy during the day.

Introduction to Dog Training Clubs

Dog training clubs are a great way to train your dogs the right way. In just a few sessions you can train your dog to be an obedient citizen of the canine world.

Custom Pet Urns: Fitting Memorials for Fido

In this day and age, our pets have become an integral part of our families. The family dog may not have a place at the dinner table, but he certainly occupies a large space in our hearts, so it’s no surprise that when your pet dog passes away, the grief that you feel is profound. It’s completely natural for you to want to do something to commemorate your beloved dog’s life and create a memorial after their death. Some people choose to donate to a pet charity in their pup’s honor; others bury their dog’s cremains under a tree. Still others opt to have custom pet urns created for their beloved family pet.

Choosing The Best Pet Terrier

People these days love having a pet. This is because more people want to live alone that to live with their partners. Having a pet is as close to having some family member with you so if you are the type of person that wants some company but to don wish to live with your loved ones, then having a pet is the key. There are different types of pets although dogs seem to be a favourite. In case you would like to get a pet dog, you might consider getting your own pet terrier. Here are some of the terrier breeds to choose from.

How to Choose the Perfect Dog for Your Home

Deciding which to go with – a puppy or an adult dog. mutt or pure-breed – you will find benefits and drawbacks to each. This article will hopefully help make that decision much easier.

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