Training this HUGE REACTIVE DOG to STOP BARKING at EVERY DOG he sees. Reality Dog Training

How to Remove a Tick From Your Dog and Prevent Lyme Disease

Considering Lyme Disease in your dog and its ramifications, it is important to know how to remove a tick from your dog. Ticks are the carriers of Lyme Disease. With the knowledge you will gain, you will safely protect your dog, your family and yourself from the dangers of all tick-borne diseases, especially Lyme Disease…

5 Benefits of Using a Pet Stroller

Whether you use a pet stroller occasionally, temporarily or daily, it is a valuable pet accessory to own. There are a variety of situations owners face that might lead to the use of a pet stroller.

Potty Training Tips for the Aspiring Dog Owner

Need help potty training your dog? Then here are some useful potty training tips to help you get going.

Why It Is Not Healthy To Feed Your Dog People Food

Many of us grew up feeding our dog food from the table. Learn why this is not a healthy practice. Discover the many alternatives for feeding your dogs scraps, and why feeding your dog this kind of food could make them have a shorter life.

Caring for Dogs With Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful disease that affects both humans and dogs. As your pet ages, you may notice him having a hard time walking when he first wakes up from a nap or he may move a little slower than he used to.

Best Tips for Treating Intestinal Issues in Dogs

All dog lovers enjoy the special greeting they receive from their dogs as they walk through the door after a long hard day at work. Yes, unless the dog is suffering from an intestinal disorder that causes bowel problems.

Beagle Training – Clicker Training 101

Would you like to accelerate your beagle’s obedience training, teach your beagle tricks faster or change some of your beagle’s behaviors more efficiently? Then read on about clicker training.

Reap Considerable Benefits From Rescuing Mature Dogs

You can reap considerable benefits from rescuing mature dogs. Puppies are great but require much work and inconvenience whereas a mature dog, say five years old and older will usually be house broken, obedient and willing to give you your space. Give it some thought. Your perfect companion just may be waiting for you.

The Important Role of Breeding and Keeping Service Dogs

Service dogs are a special group of dog breeds that provide assistance to humans. These animals have a clear focus on the human-dog interaction, and a strong attachment to their owner. This psychological feature is helpful for performance of specific tasks, but is a huge obstacle if the service dog is kept as a pet in a large family.

Dog Behaviour Problems – The Cause and Natural Solution

Dog behaviour problems are for the most part, created by humans. The normal treatment tends to be inappropriate and totally confuses the dog. This is common in so called specialist dog trainers and veterinarians alike.

Can Dog Diapers Help With Incontinence?

There are various reasons why a dog might suffer from incontinence, including sickness or old age. However, there is a solution available called the dog diaper that come in washable, disposable, and biodegradable forms that have various ranges of pricing and the impact on our environment.

Dogs, Blood Pressure, and Peace of Mind

Owning a dog can do wonderful things for your health and wellbeing. You will have many opportunities for exercise, lower your blood pressure, and even a stronger immune system.

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