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How To Dog Proof Your Home

A dog can bring amazing joy to your life and become your best friend. However, a dog can also destroy everything you own and tear your house apart! Before you bring a new puppy or dog home, it’s a good idea to dog proof your home to avoid some of the worst things that can happen. Then you can think about training your dog to teach him good house manners.

Stop Your Dog From Eating His Own Poop

One of the most disgusting things your dog can do is eating his own poop. This behavior is actually known as coprophagy. I think most owners will agree that there’s nothing worse than getting kisses from a dog who just finished eating his own waste. So the question is how to solve the problem. There are several different methods to use and in this article we are going to discuss some of them.

The Benefits Of Puppy Training Classes

At last, you have bought your kid her long-wished dog. Perhaps you have loved to see your kid smiling. But after a few days, you have found yourself troubles with all the nipping, digging and howling of the dog.

Older Dogs Need More Protein in Their Diet

Common belief is that older dogs need less protein in their diet. Actually geriatric changes in digestion coupled other geriatric changes and conditions call for higher levels of dietary protein than found in traditional senior dog food formulations. Higher protein diets for geriatric dogs can greatly enhance the quality of their senior years.

6 Reasons You Should Neuter Your Dog

It’s a common well-known fact that neutered dogs make better pets. What I’d like to do is discuss some of the reasons you should neuter your dog. Hopefully this article will give you the information that you need to have your dog neutered.

3 Different Ways To Train A Dog

Contrary to what you may have read or heard there are many different ways to train a dog. As expected some of these methods are better than others. Some methods require more time on your part and some actually require less of your time.

Tips To Train An Older Dog

If you have an older dog that is untrained and is experiencing behavior or training problems, this article is for you. Perhaps you’ve recently adopted an older dog from a local shelter or rescue group. Maybe you’ve heard the term that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well I’m here to tell you that isn’t true, you can teach old dogs new tricks. Hopefully these tips will help.

Keeping Your Fearful Dog Calm During Storms

Do you have a dog that shows fear with thunderstorms or maybe even fireworks on 4 July. Watching your dog suffer with anxiety is no fun. There are some things you can do to help your dog during these difficult times. Let’s talk about a few of them and see if we can find one that will help your dog.

Choosing The Right Joint Supplements For Dogs

Caring for an animal is a major responsibility that owners often undertake with quite a bit of caution. Most owners discover that their pets are heavily reliant on continual preventative and immediate medical attention in much the same manner as humans which can become difficult to oversee. Anyone trying to address this particular concern should know the fundamentals of choosing the right joint supplements for dogs.

Implementing A Safe Joint Health Program For Canines

Caring for an animal is a process that owners usually take quite seriously at various stages of their lives. Most pets are reliant on preventative and immediate based care in the same manner as their humans and can often include the need to focus on specific conditions and well being issues that could be faced throughout the aging process. Owners that are worried about this wellness concern should know how to implement an effective joint health program for their canine.

How Can I Find a Drug Dog to Search My Home?

Considering the amount of drug use that occurs among kids today, many parents are concerned about keeping their children drug-free. One effective approach is to have a drug dog search your home. But, where can parents find a drug dog?

Handling Multiple Dogs In Your Home

If you have problems dealing with one dog in your home, imagine what it’s like coping with two or even three dogs and trying to keep things running smoothly. It can be hard to cope with multiple dogs at times and in some cases it can result in dogs fighting for dominance. If you have more than one dog, your dogs may not always like each other in the beginning. However, with care, you should be able to manage all of the dogs with some effort. The key point is for you to maintain control of your household and not to allow any of your dogs to take control from you.

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