We Found the Perfect Home for Him… But He Got Into a Fight with Their Dog. Reality Dog Training

Dog Fleas Cause More Than Itching: Why Flea Treatment Is So Important

Fleas are very successful at reproducing themselves. Actually, they are some of the most prolific creatures on the planet in terms of reproduction. For this reason, if you own a pet, you will want to find out about the best dog flea treatment!

Training a Bulldog

It goes without saying that the English bulldog is indeed a very smart animal. To tell you the truth, the dog is known to be very stubborn so there are a few things one needs to know so as to make training much easier. The underlying thing to note is that you have to understand your dog before you decide what to start training. Lead training is very essential when dealing with a bulldog.

Can You Prevent Your Dog From Biting?

Recently I read a heartbreaking story about a ten-month-old child who was killed after a relative’s dog attacked him. Some of us may hold a sense of mortality, but even so we would like to think we are safe in our own homes. What happened to this family is certainly tragic, and we can argue forever about fault and what could have been done to prevent such a thing. At the end of the day we make look at our own dogs and think if it’s possible they will bite a member of the family or a friend. Bites are always possible, regardless of familiarity – question is, how can we be proactive and keep it from occurring?

Accessories for Dogs – Do We Need Them?

This is a short article looking at why accessories for dogs are growing in popularity and why you might need them for your dog. We look at the common purposes of dog accessories.

Puppy Power! Tips for New Puppy Owners

Check out these great tips for new puppy owners, or those who are considering getting a new puppy. There are, of course, many more things to consider with a new puppy than what is listed here, but these tips should help give you a good start!

How To Easily Deal With Beagle Separation Anxiety Issues

Are you having problems with your beagle every time you leave your home? Chances are you are facing separation anxiety issues. Read on to discover how to handle it and what mistakes to avoid.

Investigating The Differences Between Spray Collars and Bark Collars

With so many different bark collars available, it often becomes difficult to choose the perfect one for your animal. However, learning about the different types will make the process much easier.

Do Online Vets Really Help?

When you have questions about your cat, dog or other animal companion, it can be hard to know where to turn. If you are worried about odd behavior or have a simple question, you may not want to take your animal to a vet and pay for a full exam or a vet’s time just to have your quick question answered.

Working Dogs: The Many Tasks That Dogs Can Perform to Help Humans

This article is about working dogs. There are many tasks that dogs can perform to help humans. Some are familiar and others are not. Read this article to learn about the marvelous things dog can do.

The Most Common Accessories or Products for a New Dog

After plenty of research and our experience in the pet industry, we thought it would be very helpful for new dog owners to know which products to buy without hurting the back pocket. Purchasing accessories can sometimes become an overwhelming experience as there is so much out there to chose from.

Teaching Your Dog to Use a Dog Backpack

Are you looking for a way for you and your dog to get some exercise together? Then you need to read this article for information on how to take your dog hiking. Teaching your dog how to use a backpack is a fun way for you and your dog to enjoying the outdoors together hiking on the trails around your home.

57 Reasons To Keep Your Hiking Dog On a Leash

Why keep your well-behaved, fully trained, completely harmless, beloved family dog on leash when you hike? It all comes down to safety, stewardship, and good manners, but if you want specifics, this is the article for you.

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