WILD! Training My Puppy in the City WAS Crazy!

How to Get Your Puppy to Stop Biting Using The Right Techniques

Find out the best and most natural method you can use to stop biting. This technique ends biting as fast as it can be stopped and never hurts your puppy.

Four Step Guide to Adopting Puppies

Raising a puppy is a wonderful experience and adopting one in need from a shelter or rescue is incredibly rewarding. Puppies are excellent partners, playmates and family pets’ weather it is a companion for just you, or a new member of your family to bring home. Choosing the right one is a very important decision, and can turn out to be quite a difficult when faced with so many options.

Buy a Trained Malinois for Sale or a Puppy?

When you are looking for a Malinois for sale you should ask yourself the question of whether you are looking for a trained dog for sale or a quality puppy. In today’s market you are able to find both and, depending on your goals, you may find that one is more suited than the other.

Malinois For Sale – Find The Right Dog

When you are looking to find a Malinois for sale it is important to take steps to ensure that you get the best dog possible. While a Belgian Malinois is a great dog it is easy to make common mistakes that can end in a very lousy experience with your new canine companion.

Why We Love Those Dog Ads

We all have our favorite advertisement with a dog in it. It is more about the content and not so much about the product. Dogs in ads draw parallels for who we are and send messages about our values, and the characteristics that we humans posses necessary to successfully meet the challenges life bring our way.

The Wonderful World Of Couplets And A Halti

Couplets enable a person to walk multiple dogs. When a dog is a puller, a Halti helps the dog to self-correct and the pulling stops.

Old Dogs

Just like the rest of us when our dogs start to get older they need special care and tender loving. We’ve all heard the research that tells us that people with pets live longer and are happier. Some studies show that having a pet can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Having a pet is also a great stress reliever. So with all the great physical and psychological benefits they give us they deserve the best care we can give them.

Discovering A Natural Way To Improve Your Dog’s Immune System

Have you been told that the only way to keep your puppy healthy and happy is by the use of manufactured medicines? We are bombarded all the time with new medicines to keep your pet healthy.

Tasty Treats for Dogs and Pups

Feeding your dog on treats and snacks is one of the ways to keep your dog happy, and at the same time healthy. Snacks can also provide an opportunity to train your dog using the reward system; for instance, you could give a treat to your pet for learning a new trick or for accurately responding to a command.

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Dog

Your child is actually looking for some live entertainment inside the house, and toys or video games just won’t cut it. You know your lovely kid has an affinity for animals and everyone in the neighborhood actually has a dog of their own. Maybe you’d like to consider purchasing a puppy for your child? You are pretty certain this will bring a smile to his or her face, but you also need to keep in mind that proper dog care should be given to your pet. There are a number of things to be considered before purchasing a dog.

Should You Buy A Dog GPS System

If you are moving, getting a brand new dog, or just have a dog that is prone to running away, you should look into a dog GPS system. There are many different options to choose from and it can save you a great deal of stress and worry. No one wants his or her pet to be lost.

6 Tips For Training Dogs

Having a well behaved pet is the goal of any dog owner, but sometimes that can be a challenge. Here are 6 tips for training dogs that can help you have a perfectly behaved pet.

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