An Introduction to Dog Agility!

Locating Great Breeders of Australian Shepherds

Useful tips to help you locate the best breeder of the Australian Shepherd. Help for getting the best puppy for your family.

What to Know About Raising 2 Puppies at the Same Time

Many people have asked me, is it better if they get two puppies at same time? The answer can be Yes, or No depending on the person’s life style and what their personal needs and wants are, in a relationship with your dog.

Adopting An Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds that are up for Adoption “Australian Shepherds for adoption” Thinking of a Rescue Dog? Many individuals decide that instead of adopting a puppy, they would rather adopt an Australian Shepherd who is temporarily living with a foster home. These foster homes are often part of what are known as dog breed rescue groups.

Breaking Your Dog of Destructive Chewing

As the lead behavior modification trainer at a Professional Dog training facility, my primary responsibility when a new dog arrives at our kennels is to evaluate the specific needs of the owner as well as the reasons for the behavior exhibited by the dog. One of the primary concerns I hear from owners requesting behavior modification training for their dog, is destructive chewing. Below are some steps that you can take on your own to correct this behavior.

The Importance Of Obedience Training Your Dog

Some owners who want to build a happy, friendly and lasting relationship with their dog may uncomfortable with the term obedience. But in no way should obedience be considered a negative thing. It does not mean that you are dominating your dog and making it unhappy.

Preventative Pet Meds for Aging Cats and Dogs

As they age, pets can suffer from ailments or diseases that are similar to those endured by pet owners. But you can get your pet ahead of such aches and pains simply by putting him or her on preventative medications. Whether your pet is a cat or a dog, or you have both, you can ensure that your furry friend has a long and comfortable life.

Dog Medicine for Arthritic Pooches

There’s no sadder sight than an ailing animal. Unlike humans, animals are often unable to communicate when they’re in pain and, hence, have to suffer in silence. If you’ve ever inducted an animal into your family, you know that they’re as dear to your heart as one of your children, and therefore, the idea of your family pooch suffering is positively heart-breaking. If you’ve ever taken care of a sick animal, you know what it’s like to feel terrible but be unable to communicate to your pet that they’ll be okay, that you’re going to take care of them and ensure that they get well soon.

Dogs Need A Balanced Diet

There are a lot of them in the market and it could get hard on deciding about which to buy. The best way for you would be to do some research about those brands. You could also ask the shop owners for some information about the pet foods that they sell. They will be of much help to you.

Golden Retriever Puppy House Training Tips

House training your golden retriever does not have to be difficult if you just follow a few easy tips. In this article, you will learn proven methods for first paper training your pup and then moving to outdoor training.

Training A Boxer Puppy: Top Tips

Effective training is an essential part of responsible Boxer ownership. Living with a well trained Boxer puppy will be a joy; but living with an untrained dog can be a thankless and frustrating task. Training a Boxer starts from day one, and the quicker you lay down the ground rules the better. Find out steps to having a well behaved Boxer.

Training the RSPCA in Leicester and the Owner of a Sheep Chasing Boxer

Monday at the RSPCA in Leicester was a good demonstration of the human condition in relation to our dogs. In the session today were three dogs due to staff shortages, a female German shepherd, a Staffie and a mixed breed. The handlers are all doing well with the dogs they have but an incident today demonstrated just why there is still a great deal of work to do.

If Your Dog Has Arthritis, Why a Memory Foam Dog Bed Could Help

Everyone knows that arthritis can be very painful and is actually a chronic joint condition which can cause major loss of the range of movements of the affected joint. There are also other symptoms such as heat coming from the joint, stiffness, muscle cramps and overall lethargy and fatigue for the unfortunate sufferer. Dogs, especially older dogs, can suffer from this just as humans do.

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