How to Teach your Puppy to Listen When they Won’t!

Communication Between Breeder and Owner

Communication between breeder and owner will go a long way toward making sure the transition is a smooth one. It’s imperative to educate the new owners as much as possible in advance, even before they’ve seen the pup for the first time.

Thunder Shirts to Relieve Your Dogs Anxiety

Have you ever heard of Thunder Shirts? Sounds like some type of Sports Team shirt, and maybe it is! But there are also Thunder Shirts that work in the dogs world too. Who would think that a semi-snug little shirt could possibly help relax dogs of all sizes and shapes.

Dog’s Wagging Tail

Dog tail-wagging is normally taken for granted! Most people believe tail-wagging by a dog is indicative of friendliness. This may be true, BUT not always. Discover with me why dogs wag their tails! You will be surprised, as I was.

The Best Vet

Before you bring your dog home, be sure you have a veterinarian who knows and likes small dogs. Not every veterinarian is a good Toy dog veterinarian.

Dogs and Humans – Two

Dogs and Humans are very much alike, but just like humans vary in size and temperament, dogs do too. This means that you should take these factors into consideration when picking out a dog for yourself. You need to also consider where the dog will live, which gender you prefer, how the dog’s health will impact your life, and which breed you will select. Just like you pick your friends and lovers, only you will know when the right one comes into your life.

Non-Shedding Dog Breeds: Learn How to Take Care of Them

Knowing how to care for your dog is an important responsibility for all dog owners. In this article, two important tips are given regarding care for non-shedding dogs.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds – Perfect Anti-Sneeze Dogs

Hypoallergenic dogs are the answer to the prayers of all those people who have put off having a dog just because of their allergies. In this article, I have outline three of the most popular hypoallergenic dogs. I have also included some of their star qualities that justifies why they make great pets.

Miniature Toy Dog Breeds – Know Which Breed Is Perfect for You

This article gives its readers a few tips on how to choose the proper miniature dog. Different people have different tastes and different needs. This would help them identify which breed would be perfect for them.

Most Popular Dog Breeds: The Magic Five

This article talks about the 5 most popular dog breeds. This would serve as great information for people looking for a prospective pet.

Easy To Train Dog Breeds: The Top Five

This article outlines the top five highly trainable dogs. They are perfect for outdoor living and herding sheep or cattle. Prospective owners might have to think twice before taking them on as house pets, since these dogs need constant physical and mental stimulation.

Dogs And Humans

Dogs and humans are very much alike. They both want the same things out of life. I like love, food, soft beds, and a lot of attention and affection. My dog wants that too. I would like to tell you a true story about my experience with Oscar, my Standard Poodle, and my best friend.

Why Dog Sweatshirts Are a Good Choice

Buying dog sweatshirts for your pet is a good choice for all types of dogs. They offer style, protection from the weather and comfort for your pet. Dogs, both small and large, need a little extra help staying cozy in the winter months and sometimes even in early spring and late fall.

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