How to Train a Dog That Won’t Pay Attention to You (Train a distracted dog)

Some Training Tips for the Problem Dog

A problem dog is not the type of pet who can provide owners fun and happiness. If the dog shows aggressive behavior, it can be dangerous to the owner or to the whole family. Dogs showing uncontrollable behavior need to undergo aggressive dog training.

Some Dog Training Methods You Need to Refrain From

Dog training consists of two different ways. One is that which uses the reward system where a treat is given every time the pet does something good. This will help make the dogs think of doing the same good thing over and over again if they want to earn a treat.

How to Train a Police Dog

Police training for dogs is totally different compared to the typical dog training which teaches the animal to acquire pleasant behavior. This type of dog training is not for fun and convenience but is for a certain job.

How Dog Training Schools Benefit Dog Socialization

At the dog training schools dogs are trained to behaved better having the obedience training and also remove their bad behaviors and be able to socialize along with some other people and dogs. Regularly trainers at the dog training schools put the smartest dogs ahead of their pack as their leader and will act as the example of great behavior for the other dogs to follow. When your dog has really bad habits and behavior it really needs to be trained at the dog training school to curb its behavior and attitude and to…

Dog Socialization: Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Owning a canine can be very fun, but aside from fun and fulfillment, owners also have responsibilities towards their pet dogs. First-time dog owners should be aware of these responsibilities. Your responsibilities include vet check-ups, immunization, feeding him, and even taking care of its hygiene.

Thinking About Breeding Your Dog?

So, you think you want to breed your dog? Some people want to do it because they love their dog so much and they want another just like it. Some think it’s an easy way to make some money. Others think they will create a “new breed”. Some think it would be a lovely, educational experience for their children.

How Your Vet Can Provide Dog Pain Relief?

Like any animal, dogs can suffer pain from time to time, and it is a great misery to the owner, almost causing them pain as they see their pet wincing in agony, or whining they move. Because a dog cannot speak for himself, and ask for the medicine he needs, owners are often unsure what to do in order to prevent the pain from coming back. Speaking to a vet about the problem can be the only answer to helping man’s best friend and easing your dog’s sufferings.

Buy a Dog Couch and Save Your Own Furniture

A dog couch is a perfect way to save your own furniture from plenty of wear and tear. There are plenty of selections available to choose from for all sizes of dogs.

A Puppy As a Holiday Gift: Good or Bad Idea?

With the Holidays approaching, many families will get a new puppy…Remember that it is a big commitment, and no one should ever give someone a puppy as a gift! Too many of these dogs will end up in a shelter, as their new owners were not prepared for such a big life change, or just didn’t want them!

Understanding Dog Eye Infections

As a responsible pet owner, keeping the dog healthy and away from possible dog eye infections should be a primary concern. Dog eye issues can either be viral or bacterial and unlike humans, dogs can’t remove any foreign object that can come in contact with their eyes.

The UK’s Stray and Abandoned Dog Numbers for 2011 Hit an 11 Year High

More than 126,176 dogs were picked up by local authorities over the last 12 months. This represents an increase of 4% on the previous year which equates to 345 stray dogs being found every day. These figures do not include the many dogs that are taken direct to animal sanctuaries.

Is It A Good Idea To Sleep With Your Dog?

Opinions vary on this subject. Some go so far as saying that sleeping with your dog can make you ill, while others say it won’t hurt to let your dog sleep in your bed. It has been well established that having a dog has many benefits. They give you companionship and comfort, and even a will to live. Pet owners have to make the decision if sleeping with their dog is what is best for them.

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