How to Train your Dog 3 Tricks! (Jump through a hoop, hugs, and more!)

The Truth About Wireless Pet Fences – Are They Safe For My Pet?

Picture yourself standing outside, bundled in five or six layers as the winter wind blows and your dog casually meanders back and forth trying to find the “perfect” spot to do his business. Or maybe it’s raining cats and dogs, you’ve got a business meeting in ten minutes, and your hair (which you just spent an hour styling) is getting good and soaked as your dog drags you through the yard at the end of his leash. You’d just LOVE to set up a fence around the yard so you can let your dog outside without the hassle of messing with leashes, but they cost thousands of dollars! It seems that you’ll just have to suffer through the bitterly cold winter days and the rainy downpours.

Maltese Grooming Tips: Caring for Coat, Ears, and Nails

The Maltese breed has been around for centuries but has only recently become a very popular pet for the average pet owner. Maltese are renowned for their small size, gentle nature, and their long silky hair that covers their body from head to toe. Because of this luxurious hair coat, the Maltese can require some extra care and there are some specific tips for grooming your Maltese that every owner should be aware of.

Easy To Follow Instructions For Bathing And Grooming Your Maltese

Grooming your Maltese is not difficult; however, they do need grooming on a regular basis. A Maltese requires daily hair brushing to prevent the hair from matting. An active dog may require more time to groom daily in order to remove dust and dirt from their hair as this can cause it to mat. A Maltese also needs their eyes cleaned daily to prevent tear stains on their white coat.

Why Enroll Your Dog in Dog Obedience Classes?

Dog obedience classes can provide the necessary discipline your dog should have. In a society where dogs should behave in an acceptable way, you must really make an effort in training him. However, if you want a professional trainer to handle your dog, take the opportunity to enroll him in dog obedience classes.

Labs Rule, Other Dog Breeds Drool

The Labrador retriever is by far and away the most popular breed in the world and for good reason; they are the most sweetest, affectionate, loving, loyal companions in the world. I, of course have a Black Lab sprawled on my feet at this very moment so I maybe a tad bias, but anybody who has, or previously owned a Lab would surely agree that this breed is the best of the best!

Dog Obedience Classes in Training Club – Any Good?

 Ok, so after looking around, you’ve finally bought or adopted a puppy, had it vaccinated and maybe went to a puppy party with your puppy at your vet’s office. Let’s start having fun! Obedience Training clubs vary, and just because a club is listed by a “branded” kennel club it does not give assurance that that club’s dog obedience classes implement a standard of education or ethics.

Why Must Good Dog Obedience Classes Have Professional Dog Trainers

With so much training material on the internet, it is easy to forget that the advice of professional trainers is essential if a canine owner is to get the most from disciplining his or her disobedient dog. A professional trainer has sufficient education in training dogs on a one to one basis, whether the trainer is a part time or full-time professional canine trainer.

Dirty Dog, Clean Dog

Giving your dog a bath doesn’t have to be a major chore. You can make it a quick task.

Training Your Dog – Things To Know

Many of us consider our animals to be, not just a pet but a valued member of the family. As such, we would want to make sure that they were able to fit in with our family well and to behave themselves as they should.

What To Know About Socializing Your Puppy

Learn what you need to know about socializing your puppy. It can be the most important step in the journey of raising your dog.

Crate Training: The Ins and Outs of Training a Bichon

The bichon frise can be a prideful and stubborn dog, especially as a puppy. This means that housebreaking and bichon training can be a little more difficult than with some other breeds, although not impossible. Using a crate to train your bichon serves many purposes. What we will discuss here is using a crate to housebreak and potty train. This is not the only method that can be used, but is by far the most effective.

Tastes That Are Toxic to Your Pup

Dog harness outfits aren’t only stylish, they are comfortable too! Your pup will never have to leave looking dull again.

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