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Feeding a Bichon: A Guide on When and How to Feed

The bichon is notoriously finicky when it comes to their eating habits. Although they will generally need the same amount of food in a given day, bichon puppies will need to eat more frequently than adults. In this article we will look at the best practices for feeding a bichon.

Basic Bichon Information to Consider Before Buying

Bichons are wonderful dogs. They are fun, social, playful creatures who will give you years of love and fun. But they also come with a few quirks and breed specific issues that must be taken into consideration. Any prospective owner should research basic bichon information topics, which are discussed in this article, before making the final decision to buy or adopt these dogs.

House Training a Puppy Takes Time

One of the biggest challenges you will have with a new puppy is housebreaking them. It causes more headaches for new dog owners than any other issue. It is possible to train your puppy to go outside with less stress for you and him.

Tips and Techniques on Dog Obedience Training

While some dog owners sign up their pet for dog obedience classes, many people decide to train them on their own. Since they will be the ones handling them, training them at home can be appropriate as long as the owner does not teach them bad habits. There are certain techniques that can make your training more effective, and will help your dog to be well-behaved.

Homemade Dog Treats – Are There Benefits To Making Your Own?

Making your own dog treats is becoming popular among dog owners. For those who do not know how or do not want to make their own, they can buy homemade treats from people who run their own dog treat business. They make them and attend fairs, festivals, and farmer’s markets to sell their products. It has become a booming business for those willing to take the time to make their own product.

Dog Boots – Do They Really Help Dogs?

If someone is seen walking his dog and the dog is wearing boots, most people assume the owner is dressing it up to look cute. However, there are other reasons for a dog to be wearing boots on its feet.

Dog Insurance – Is It Worth It?

Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, congenital heart disease; these all sound like diagnoses for a person, but they are also health conditions found in dogs. While they all can be treatable under the right circumstances, the treatments can be expensive for the pet owner. Dog insurance can be incredibly helpful to you in these situations.

Information About Dogs for Kids

Parents have long known about the special bond between children and dogs. These canine friends are fiercely loyal to their charges, while being incredibly lovable to them. Kids can tug on their ears, pull their tails, and play with their dog food, while the dogs patiently take all the unintended abuse.

Crate Training Puppies – The Secret To Success

Puppies like to find hiding places to snuggle up in and feel safe. They will look for a place to go where they are out of sight. You can use this tendency to your advantage in crate training puppies.

What Is the Best Bed for My Dog?

All dogs need a place of their own to relax and get away from it all! So when choosing a dog bed consider the size of your dog when he is full grown. Two other considerations should be whether the dogs bed is comfortable and is it washable.

Tips on Choosing a Good Dog Collar

The article below summarizes the key point to take note of when selecting a dog collar for your dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend and support us in time of need and love us dearly. In the same way as pet owners we should ensure we chose the best we can for them and make them feel comfortable.

Dog Training Tips to Assure Your Dog Is Successful

After owning and training dogs for over 40 years, I have selected the following training tips that every owner needs to keep in mind in order to have that dream dog – the one that listens and follows your commands. You will be successful by following this basic program. It does not matter the age or breed of the dog. All dogs need this program to be happy and integrated into family life.

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