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How to Stop Border Collies From Chewing Grass

You may have noticed that your border collie is frequently chewing grass. There are actually numerous reasons for this behavior. He could eat it in order to throw up or he could even like the taste of the grass.

Border Collie Barking Problem

It’s more than usual for a dog like a border collie to bark. He does it when he’s happy, when he’s angry and whenever he wants to tell you or show you something. This is a natural behavior that he has and it’s his method of communication, although not the only one.

Excessive Border Collie Licking

I’m sure it happened to go see a friend and as soon as you opened the door a dog came out and started licking your face like crazy. Or maybe you yourself have a dog that has to lick you every time you come home or when you pet him. This is a habit that all breeds have, even border collies.

Border Collie Separation Anxiety

Border collies are great dogs when it comes to participating in all kinds of physical competitions, but they’re a bit complicated to live with and take care of. Even though they’re intelligent, sociable and enjoy interaction with their owners, border collies can become aggressive and can even start suffering from an affection called separation anxiety when their owners leave the house.

Border Collie Aggression

The problem with Border Collies, and generally with other pets, comes from the fact that they can become dominant and aggressive all of a sudden. There are some signs that show Border Collies aggression, but also some ways of preventing it before it appears. If your Border Collie has already started to act aggressively, you must look for solutions because his aggression can be handled with the right mental and physical equipment.

Destructive Border Collie Chewing

Even if the Border Collie is one of the most intelligent breed of dogs, he is also the most challenging to live with and take care of. He can be quite smart and has a superior intellect compared to other dog breeds. When combining intensive desire to run, obsessive zeal for working and amazing energy, the border collie becomes noticeable but at the same time unsuitable for many houses.

The Secret Of The Three Things To Love About Basenji Dogs Revealed

Have you ever considered the affectionate link between a dog as well as an owner? Over time they develop a rapport from one another, something that’s personal and delightful.

Clicker Dog Training – Why It Works

Clicker Dog Training has lately become very popular because it is based on positive reinforcement techniques that are easy on both the dog and the trainer. Clicker Dog Training is a very effective dog training method that does not involve yelling, physical contact or jerking. In fact, it is important to NOT force your dog to learn while training with the clicker. Below are few tips to remember while clicker training your dog.

Potty Training Your Puppy Right the First Time

Parenting a puppy can be as ‘stressful’ as parenting an infant out of diapers. Potty training your new puppy can often be frustrating if you are not following a system and one of the most frustrating of all is the bathroom visit, trying to get a new puppy to relieve himself in a place where you want him to go can be very challenging.

Bonfire Night For Dogs – Tips and Advice

Whilst we think of Bonfire Night as something to look forward to and enjoy the many displays of fireworks, our pets think somewhat differently! Aside from having the ability to actually make your pet understand your reassurance that the fireworks are actually very safe, what can you do to make the situation a calmer one for your beloved pets?

My Small Dog Won’t Eat

You will find out at times that your dog won’t eat, this loss of appetite can be a result of countless things ranging from a serious bloating condition, organ failure or simply a mildly upset tummy, but how can you tell the difference? If you are in doubt, or are increasingly worried, then a trip to the vet is vital. Although, typically the cause for concern can be determined by observing the dog and how he behaves in his environment.

How To Teach Your Dog To Yawn On Command

Have you ever wanted to train your dog to yawn on command? The answer can be found in this article! And it won’t cost you a penny.

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