My New Puppy: The First 36 Hours (NEW SERIES: The Dog Training Experience Episode 1)

Why Do Dogs Have the Behavior of Eating Poop

A dog is considered to be a man’s best friend. So, when a dog-owner sees his beloved pet chomping at poop, he begins to wonder why. First of all, it has to be understood that although a dog is a very good companion, it is still an animal, not a human.

How to Ease Your Dog’s Fear of Loud Noises

How to Ease Your Dog’s Fear of Loud Noises by choosing from a number of different options. It may make you feel helpless and hurt when you see your dog running away from noise and even injuring him in the process. A lot of dogs are scared of any loud noise including thunder, fireworks, gunshots, sirens or even very loud music. Symptoms of noise phobia include running, drooling, panting, digging, ripping off wooden doors and extreme neediness.

Why Is My Dog Frightened by Thunderstorms?

why is my dog frightened by thunderstorms, and how can I help? From big breeds like Alsatians to small Dachshunds, most dogs are frightened of loud noises like thunder, lawn mowers, gunshots, fireworks, and sirens.

The Electronic Dog Repeller Can Be A Wonderful And Humane Training Tool

In the past, I have made quite a few blog entries concerning the importance of always being prepared and protected from dog attack. I find the need to do so no less important today although I have learned quite a bit about one defense tool I talk about quite a bit and that is the electronic dog repeller. I still find this tool to be a very useful tool of self-defense against potentially dangerous canines but I rarely mention its ability to humanely and effectively train dogs as well.

Electronic Dog Fencing, The Alternative to Traditional Fencing – What You Need to Know!

Did you know, there is an alternative to traditional fencing for pet containment and it can save you thousands of dollars? In this article we will discuss the 2 types of electronic fencing for containing your dogs and cats and how they can benefit you.

Common Dog Hazards Around Your Home

Dog owners need to be aware of the many potential hazards that they have around their home. After reading this article, you will be familiar with some of the most common.

Sure Dog Coaching Techniques

If you wish to successfully teach your pet dog, you have to remember that pet dogs have personalities too. Which means that every dog is unique? For this reason dogs like and do things which appear un-dog like. For instance, my friend’s dog loves apples. It’s not like he was depriving his dog or anything, the dog just enjoyed apples.

Pet Doors – Choosing the Right Size

One of the easiest ways to tell a bogus dog door web site is by the recommendations they make regarding the size of dog a particular pet door is suited for. “Dogs to 150 lbs” or, even worse, “large-sized” dogs are a terrible disservice to the consumer who is apt to think he or she is dealing with a knowledgeable company. To make matters worse, everyone including me and even you, dear reader, over-estimates the size pet door they really need. It’s an optical illusion that’s very common. So if you get “up-sold” on size–and, therefore, price–you may never realize it.

Preparation for Dog Potty Training

 Potty training is the training that teaches your dog the proper way to eliminate. This training is vital the moment your dog takes it’s first step into your home. Dog Potty Training is much easier to do when you have arranged a space which will serve as the place for your potty training.

New Puppy Tips – Getting Things Right Right Away

A new baby has arrived at your home and it is very sweet. If you have had dogs before, here are some good things to remember – if you have never had a dog, here are some good tips for you! Always remember that it is important to do things  right from the start!

Dogs And Christmas – Do’s And Don’ts To Keep Them Happy

International statistics show that vets have an incredible amount of work to do over and just after the Christmas holidays. They have to treat dogs and cats who suffer from stomach upsets, sickness and diarrhea. Dogs who have swallowed small objects and suchlike.

Indoor Gates For Pets – 3 Quick Tips

Pet owners will often times want to make sure their pet is safe, no matter where they are in the home. Even if a family has a dog that is usually outside, there are going to be cold nights where the dog will want to be inside, and a well-trained dog is a nice companion to have indoors.

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