My puppy chews! What do I do? And more!

Bichon Food: How to Find the Right Diet for Your Bichon

As a bichon owner, I know how picky they are with their food. In this article you will find advice on who to talk to about bichon food and tips for picking out the right food.

The Main Differences Between Obedience Training and Dog Behavior Modification

Pet owners are sometimes bewildered by the distinction between obedience training and behavior modification. Training dog obedience is the basic foundation for controlling your pet in times of stress and can provide the control necessary to prevent various of potential life threatening scenarios. It is based on the fundamental directions every dog ought to be taught in order to immediately follow; for instance, sit, stay, down and even come.

Tips on Why and How To Crate or Kennel Train Your Puppy

It is usually easier to crate or kennel train a puppy, than it is an older dog. Here are tips on why and how you should train them as soon as possible.

Dogs and Energy

Recently a notion has been swimming around in my head that the possibility that dogs are telepathic might actually be a very real reality. A test conducted by a well know university professor has recently opened a huge can of worms by studying the behaviour of dogs as they await for their master to come home.

Dog Training Methods for Anxious Dogs

Anxious dogs, like anxious people, sometimes require special guidance. Here are some tips on how to train an anxious pet and lower its level of stress overall.

Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Canine Hypoadrenocorticism (more commonly known as Addison’s disease) is the medical dysfunction of the adrenal gland whereby it does not produce enough of a steroid hormone, namely ‘aldosterone’ or ‘cortisol’. The lack of this hormone means that the levels of the potassium and sodium in the blood are not balanced correctly and as a result can cause serious health complications for a dog. The most frequently occurring reason for the development of Addison’s disease is when a dog’s immune system damages the adrenal gland tissue; unfortunately there has been no medical evidence to date to suggest why this happens.

Why Your Dog’s Paw Chewing Could Become a Problem

Beyond the normal licking and chewing a dog might do when cleaning his paws, a dog chewing his paws excessively can cause health problems. If you don’t act fast, they can remove the fur, create soreness with raw patches, and risk skin infections by breaking the skin surface. Excessive paw chewing can be a sign of a physical problem or the start of a behaviour problem.

Why Dogs Pant

I’m sure you’ve noticed dogs who pant on a hot summer day. What causes panting? Is this normal behavior, or is this a sign of distress?

Learn The Importance Of Giving Your Puppy The Right Kind Of Food

Giving the right food to a puppy is an important and basic requirement for anyone who is taking care of a puppy. On the most part puppies simply require enough food as well as looking after them.

Train The Owner, Their Dog Will Follow – Three Rules of Dog Training

Most dog trainers will tell you in their experience, generally, training the dog is much easier than training their owner. Here is why.

Having A Dog Can Be Fun When Raised Properly

Sometimes I hate mornings. You see, I have dogs. There’s a right way to raise and train pets and a wrong way. Go the wrong way and believe me, you’ll pay for it. I’ll give you a typical day in my life and help you find ways to avoid unnecessary puppy mess. Training your pets and spending time with them are extremely important, for you and your pet.

Keep Your Dog From Landscaping Your Yard

Many dog owners get frustrated when their dog ruins their yard by digging into the flowers, the garden, or maybe even under fences to get out of the yard. This could be natural instincts for your dog depending on the breed, but there are some things you can do to prevent it from happening.

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