Top 10 Dogs

The Bichon Yorkie – A Great Friend

People swear by the companionship that is present with a terrier. The perky movement of a young puppy and the carefree attitude that they seem to have, is something that many other puppies can’t really match. There have been a lot of great breeds to come across the world of breeding, and one of the nicer breeds to own and befriend is the Bichon Yorkie.

Depressive Dog – Here Are The Reasons Why

For quite a while now you have been watching your dog because you feel that he isn’t right somehow, that the sparkle has gone from his eyes. He seems to be sad and unhappy for no reason at all. In a nutshell: Your dog is depressed! But why could this possibly be? This article gives you some good ideas to help your pooch as well as explaining the reasons for his unhappy state.

Orijen Puppy Food Review – The Truth Behind Orijen

Orijen Puppy Food is a company based out of Canada and prides itself as providing a premium dog food for our pets. Here is a review of their wonderful product.

Puppy House Training Secrets

House training your puppy is one of the first training jobs you’ll have to do as a dog owner. This is important because living with an animal that has not been trained to control her toilet habits, is both unpleasant and unhealthy. Fortunately, with the proper training techniques, and lots of persistence, house training a puppy is not that difficult to do.

My Dog Won’t Stop Barking

I’ve owned two Siberian Huskies for about four years now and when they were just pups I had a constant problem with them making noise at all times of the day and night. I’ve had friends who’ve tried obedience classes but never had very much success, so I went online looking for ways to retrain a dog’s barking patterns. If you are constantly saying my dog won’t stop barking yourself, consider this method which I used to retrain my dogs barking habits.

How Dogs Show Their Emotions

Understanding your dog can be difficult at times, obviously they cannot talk to us, but they do display many signs that are recognisable when you know what to look for. Once you begin to realise just how much a dog is communicating, you can then be ready to answer your pet’s needs.

Shropshire Is Open For Dogs

As all dog owners have found out one time or another you need military planning to take your dogs on a new walk in case the places on route do not accept dogs. Rural Shropshire is a wonderful place to holiday with many places accepting dogs if you look in the right places.

Dogs Reveal Issues About Humans!

Dogs have hidden issues that should be revealed about how humans cross their boundaries! We love our humans who we depend-on to survive, but we think best to expose our feelings for a more comfortable relationship.

Popular Working Dog: What They Have That We Humans Don’t

Working dogs have become such an integral part of the working man’s life that without them, it may be likened to losing a limb. In this article, we will talk about the most popular working dogs breeds and their different abilities that make them so useful to us in different ways.

Why Dogs Need Their Walks

Dogs need exercise, and the activity they love more than any other is walking. However, many owners shirk the responsibility. Perhaps they simply don’t have time, or maybe they don’t realize how important it is to walk their pets.

Directory of Breed of Dogs

If you are thinking of getting a dog, you should have a basic knowledge on the different types of breeds that are available out there. Here is a short directory of breed of dogs to get you started.

Terrier Dogs: What You May Not Know About Them

Terrier dogs are often perceived as cute, but violent. Coming from the word “territory,” terriers are truly territorial, but they have other great attributes too. Read all about them in this article.

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