Top 3 Puppy Problems SOLVED! Biting, House Training & Chewing

The Reasons Why Dogs Bark

Dogs bark. However, there are different types of barks and why dogs do this. Read on to learn about this.

The Fundamentals Of Dog Psychology And How They Learn

Dogs learn from you because they look up to you as their pack leader. With that, learn how your dog thinks and how you can use that information to train your pet.

Training Your Small Dog Also Means Training Yourself

There’s no need to give up your beloved but badly-behaved small dog. It’s time to immerse yourself in training instead.

Tips to Save Some Cash and Enjoy a Healthy Homemade Dog Food

It may seem more expensive creating your own healthy homemade dog food as meat will take a larger percentage of the ingredients. Do not despair but be far sighted. The healthy diet availed to your pooch will save in terms of the number of visits to the vet.

You Will Love These Adorable Teacup Australian Shepherds

Another breed of Aussies has come our way. Teacup Australian Shepherds are the smallest size of Aussies and only weigh from 4 to 9 pounds and only reach 10 inches in length. They are noticeably smaller than Miniature Australian Shepherds and much smaller, of course, than the standard Aussies.

Home-Made Dog Food

Almost every year there is a new breaking story about the poor content of commercial dog food. To tackle this problem consider making your dogs food at home. This article outlines what a dogs diet should contain and a few recipes for home-made meals.

Cropping Dog’s Ears – Why Do We Still Do It?

There has been no proof at all that there is any medical benefit in ear cropping dogs (Otoplasty). Yet still it goes on. The most common, pathetic argument for it is that it keeps the ear canal vented, therefore reducing the risk of ear infections and is easier to clean. Well, if you are a responsible pet owner cleaning and grooming your animal should be a daily ritual you do anyway.

What You Should Know About Pet Gates

Pet gates are designed to restrict your dog to specific rooms or areas in the house such as the kitchen, family room or any other designated room as may be necessary from time to time. The right pet gate will not only keep your dog safe and secure but will also keep him out of trouble. There are freestanding, pressure-mounted and wall-mounted gates. They come in standard, tall, extra-tall and wide sizes. Choosing the right gate will depend on your dog’s size and personality.

Buying a German Shepherd Puppy

Before making the final decision of buying a German Shepherd and looking around at German shepherd puppies for sale it is necessary to reason with yourself whether this is indeed the right breed for you. As the German Shepherd dogs have their spirit, their mind and also body powerful, during their growth they need a lot of attention, love and appropriate guidance from their owner. You should be prepared for spending time with it, teaching it well and taking care of its needs such as providing plenty of exercise and space to live in.

Poodle Breeding, Care and Some History

The genesis of the Poodle dog breeds are thought to originate in Germany. Coincidentally, the German (Deutsch) term “pudel” means “to splash within the water.” During this time, Standard Poodle breeders tried to produce a superior ‘water dog’ selected for locating game for their masters.

Buy Some Tiny Poodle Puppies

As is the case with all puppies, the poodle puppies are extremely cute. A litter of poodles has generally three to five pups, each of them born every thirty minutes. After giving them birth, their mother cleans each puppy with her tongue, in order to remove blood and mucous and to help them start breathing.

Dog Training Advice for Women

Is there really a difference between dog training methods for men and women? Are dogs going to be more responsive to a male owner? Here are some tips for women who are looking to buy a puppy or are having trouble training their pet.

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