Why Your Dog’s Breed Doesn’t Matter. But THIS DOES!


Steady to Wing and Shot

During Upland Training, Testing and Hunting scenarios Retrievers must be Steady to Wing and Shot. The Dog should remain steady until commanded to retrieve the bird.

Available Data for Havanese Rescue

There are many people who love the Havanese breed and if you are one of them and have also some patience, then a Havanese rescue or adoption center may be the best place to start searching. Each year, thousands of dogs are placed in a network of different animal shelters across the country for a variety of reasons. We cannot know what the reasons are why so many owners give up their pets.

Finding and Selecting the Best Collie Puppies for Sale

Some people buy a puppy just from the impulse they had when they have seen it first, but they don’t do any type of research about the breed and what owning a puppy, and after a while, a dog means for them, all the responsibility this implies. So many people will make the mistake on purchasing any puppy from any breeder, without doing their homework first. You may really like the breed and feel the pup you bought is the best choice for you, but there are always hidden issues that depend on the breeder and his facility.

Moral Reasons for Pug Rescuing

There are different options for all people who want to get a new pug pet. For all the lovers of this breed, the way of pug rescue or adoption is a special one, and it will make them feel they did the right thing. Dog lovers who prefer this way don’t have to worry about the attitude or health issues of these dogs, as the volunteers who work in these rescue centers that house all species of animals will play with the dog and train it to behave correctly, and the dog will also have a general vet exam and…

Adopt a Yorkie From a Shelter

There are numerous dogs that are eagerly waiting for a warm home and a loving family in animal shelters or adoption centers or organizations, and also many people who take into consideration obtaining a pet from such a place. The reasons behind wanting to get a Yorkshire Terrier from the rescue center are many but before you jump to act here are a few points to consider. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Yorkshire Terrier From An Adoption Center – Many people are firstly thinking of saving the life of the dog when seeing it in a…

General Info on the Teacup Shih Tzu Breed

A teacup shih tzu is a small breed of dogs. They are considered under the category of toy dogs. Some breeders of Shih Tzus like to select their smaller and to breed them distinctly.

For Many of Us Animal Lovers, Our Dog’s Treatment Is Important

For many of us animal lovers our dog’s treatment is important and akin to the treatment of our children. And like our children, dogs demand attention, discipline and love. If we spoil our children with too much attention and not enough discipline, we might have children who misbehave and act out. It is the same for our dogs. Balancing our attention with love and discipline is the recipe for optimal results.

All About Husky Puppies

Husky puppies are extremely cute however as they grow older they will become bigger and more energetic. The puppies are born in litters of 6 – 8 pups from their mother. Up to 12 pups has been recorded in one litter.

Dogs and Humans – Three

Dogs and humans are very much alike in that we both have to be trained. Our mothers started training us as soon as we came out of the womb. Dogs are no different. Starting from a puppy, you have to potty train them, train them not to chew on different articles, not to bark in excess, and stay off the bed or table. The most important thing is to train them properly or you may be teaching them the wrong signals.

The Benefits of Clicker Training

Clicker training is used widely to train pets. Learn how you can use this on your pet dog.

Secrets To Training Older Dogs

They say that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. That is not true. Here are some things that you can do to teach your old dog new things.

Dog Clothes – Silly or Useful?

“Dogs are dogs, they shouldn’t be dressed up in clothes,” is a phrase that I have heard often. There seems to be a very definite split camp between the “fors” and “againsts” when it comes to man’s best friend and doggy couture. Opinion will no doubt always remain divided, however, there are reasons why clothing for some dogs is a practical choice and of benefit to the animal.

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