How To Train a Dog Going Through the “Teenage” Phase

Black Russian Terrier Puppies – A Good Fit For Your Home

Black Russian terrier puppies are a great option for families due to their breeding to guard and protection of their owners. A calm countenance adds to the appeal of this terrier breed that craves human contact and thrives in a home environment. With careful obedience training, families can capitalize on the intelligence of the breed.

Dealing With Our Dogs

The past few weeks have been a very busy period where I have been working with a wide variety of dogs, I think the two Huskies were very special. A two year old male and a younger female were presenting problems, the male in particular was really scaring his owners with his aggression. His aggression had escalated to the point he had bitten members of the family as he now wore a muzzle as a preventative measure, but his aggression was getting worse and his family had to consider their options.

Learn How To Train Your Dog The Right Way

Paying for dog training can be the best option for those with little time to spare. No one wants an ill behaved dog in their home. The problem is that dog training takes time and not many working people have a lot of it. This is where paying a person to help you train your dog while you are gone can be extremely helpful.

Useful Tips For Training A Well-Behaved Dog

Responsible dog owners understand that a trained dog is a good dog. From basic obedience to advanced techniques, proper socialization and instruction is not only necessary to having your dog be a good canine citizen, but it will help keep your dog safe and happy. Here are some tips to help you train your dog or find a trainer.

How Teaching Dogs and Children Is Similar: Parts Three and Four

Alghough dogs are not children, there are many commonalities between teaching children and teaching dogs. In this article, I explain two more ways in which teaching and working with our dogs resembles teaching children. In particular, one of the most effective and enjoyable ways that children and dogs can learn is through playing with toys and by playing games, and secondly, like children, dogs love and need meaningful and purposeful problem-solving challenges.

Raw Dog Food – Is It The Way To Go?

You only have to read the ingredients list on a packet of dog food to realize how full of unnecessary ingredients it is. There are additives, fillers and meat with a questionable origin. With this in mind, should we be thinking about switching our pets diet to a raw one?

How Teaching Dogs and Children Is Similar: Parts One and Two

Of course, children and dogs are two different species and in some ways, they have very different needs. But have you ever thought about how many of the same teaching principles when working with children apply when you are playing with or teaching (not ‘training’), your dog? In this article, I will be sharing two of seven secrets of how teaching and playing games with your dog is very similar to working with children.

Fashionable and Functional Coordinating Dog Collars and Leashes

Show your furry friend’s personality with coordinating dog collars and leashes. The leash laws are in effect for the safety of both humans and their pets, but your dog doesn’t have to have the same collar as all the other dogs in the neighborhood.

The Best Way to Bathe Your Dog

Giving your dog a bath is an important part of pet ownership. There are steps you can take to make it easier.

Chocolate and Dogs Are a Dangerous Combination

Learn why dogs and chocolate do not mix very well, and how to help a dog that has eaten a fatal amount of chocolate. Hint: It involves a trip to the veterinarian’s office!

Which Dog Is Right For You?

Dogs are an incredibly diverse species. Not only do they have an amazing array of of physical characteristics, but even their personality traits and behavioral characteristics differ from one breed to another. There really is a dog that’s ideal for every person, every lifestyle. So, what’s your dog type?

Golden Retriever Training Tips – Train Your Dog The Easy Way

To start training your canine for the first time is very challenging but can also be rewarding. Golden Retrievers train fast and learn tricks easy. To use time sufficiently some Golden Retriever Training Tips are available to help you train your dog.

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