New Puppy? These Tips Should Help!

3 Reasons You Need A Seat Belt For Your Dog

Millions of pet owners put their dogs in their car and find that they slide around, get scared, or want to continually hang outside of the window. Putting a pet in this type of situation is scary to them, and if you get into an accident, you’ll find that it’s completely scary. You don’t want to have your pet injured in an accident, which seems to be the number one reason why you need a seat belt for your dog, but consider the following reasons that will assist you in the long term.

Why Are Pet Owners Healthier and Happier Than Non-Pet Owners?

According to the American Psychological Association, in general, pet owners are healthier and happier than non-pet owners. Here is why…

Dogs and Cats – How to Peacefully Coexist Under One Roof

Let’s look at this living arrangement from your dog’s perspective. Cats, like squeaky toys, are furry, small, make great noises when you pounce on them, plus, they run when you chase them! What more could a dog who instinctively is a predator ask for? To most dogs, cats are their version of an extreme video game.

Essential Homemade Dog Food Recipe Information

Since the dog food scares of 2007, many dog owners have turned to a homemade dog food recipe diet for their pets. This article provides some essential information for those who are thinking about or are currently feeding their pets a natural dog food recipes.

Walking Your Dog: What You Should Know

Walking your dog is one of the most fun activities that you can do with your pet. However, it is not that easy to do. You would have to have some knowledge and training about what you should do in order to do the dog walks properly. This article will show you some tips on dog walks without much difficulty and challenges along the way…

Things You Should Know About Walking Your Dog

Before you can start taking your dog on walks, it is important that you learn about dog training first. This article will show you all the things that you need to know about dog walks and how you can effectively make your dogs follow instructions without having much difficulty. Other thing that you can learn is how to enjoy a dog friendly environment.

Thinking About Getting a Dog?

The first question many people ask is should I get a rescue or a purebred? Many feel that rescuing from the shelter is the option everyone should consider first. While it is a great idea to rescue a dog from possible euthanasia, there are several things to consider. When getting a mixed breed dog, if it’s still a pup, you may have no idea how big it’s going to get, how much it will shed or what it’s temperament will be like. It is a myth that you can tell how big a puppy will get by the size of his feet.

Facts About How to Train a Dog

The best advice that we can offer when it comes down to how to train your dog properly is to remember two key terminologies – praise and reward. Using treats and an unlimited amount to reinforce positive behavior is the best way to effectively train your dog. You want to avoid talking to them in an angry tone of voice and by all means, avoid harsh punishment whenever possible.

How To Easily Make Homemade Dog Food

If you want to have a really healthy pet then you need to learn how to make homemade dog food. It’s not that difficult. Just take a look at what dogs ate in the wild before they became domesticated.

Picking the Right Species of Dog

Getting the right kind of dog for your needs is not easy and there are a few things you need to think about before you act. Read some Q and A to help you make up your mind.

Using a Dog Crate to Housebreak a Puppy

Using dog crates to housebreak and train a puppy is the simplest and easiest way to get good results. It is a good way to prevent problems and teach a puppy very early what is expected of him or her.

How to Stop a Border Collie From Digging Up Your Yard

All dog lovers and dog owners know that with all the cuteness and playfulness, dogs come with a lot of bad habits that can ruin many of their owner’s items, from shoes and clothes to their backyard. It is not easy to make them stop, and even if you have them trained, they will still keep doing destructive things while you are out of the house.

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