Should These Dogs Exist? Have We Gone Too Far?

How To Effectively Prevent Arthritis in Dogs?

Watching your pet suffer great pain brought on by arthritis can be very heart wrenching for any pet owner. Each year, thousands upon thousands of dogs all over the country develop arthritis. Old and large dogs documented to suffer from this condition, and lot of pet owners believe that arthritis in dogs is something that cannot be prevented.

How to Put an End to Dog Aggression

Some dogs develop aggression because people ignore their aggressive behavior while puppies. Aggression is often brushed off as cute playfulness while this type of behavior should really be corrected. Remember the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’

Exercise Is Essential For You and Your Dog

We all need exercise, even our dogs. And if we don’t get it, we both develop problems. In the case of your dog, it may become destructive and unmanageable. So, what can you do about it?

The Perfect Solution to Stop Fleas, Ticks and Lice on Dogs – Frontline Spot On Flea Drops

Ticks, fleas and lice are regular pests that can be a real annoyance in our dogs’ lives; they can cause discomfort and sometimes spread diseases to our pet dog. Ticks not only look awful but are a real nuisance and they can transmit diseases. They are small spider looking insects that bite into the dogs skin to feed on the blood, they grip themselves firmly in and will not budge until they have finished their feed which may be hours, a few days or could even be for a few months.

Assistance Dogs Make a Difference in the World of Autism

Most people have probably heard of assistance dogs that can aid the blind and those with physical disabilities, but can these dogs help with autism? In this article we will take a closer look at autism and its accompanying symptoms, along with some information on how assistance dogs are making a very constructive difference in the lives of autistic children.

10 Household Items Poisonous to Dogs

Many household items can be poisonous to dogs. The trend is on the rise with no apparent reason. It pays to know what they are before we regret!

Recommendations for Keeping Your Dogs Happy During Air Travel

Article describing steps necessary before taking your dogs on planes. It contains a list of what’s required and a timeline for things which must be taken care of ahead of traveling.

The Trials Of A Rescue Dog

Rescue dogs have always been given up for a reason which makes them a greater challenge to work with as they already have pre conceived ideas of how to interact with people. As an example of the challenges, I have been training dogs for over eighteen years and in that time I have worked with thousands of dogs with behavioural issues and have been bitten myself five times during the course of my career to date. All of these bites have come from rescue dogs.

Basic House Training Tips For Dogs Every Owner Needs To Know

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding relationships anyone could have. But, with that comes responsibility and the best canine relationships are formed when owners commit to training their dog.

Putting Things Right and Into Practice

I have been to Oxfordshire today which is a change for me to be out of Leicestershire recently as Leicestershire is keeping me very busy. I took a phone call from a very confused dog owner who had had a visit from a “Dog Listener” who has spent three hours in their lounge telling them how to resolve the issues they were experiencing with their rescue Boxer/ Pointer dog. Whilst some of the suggestions had delivered an improvement, nothing had changed the dog’s behaviour out on the walk.

Memorializing Your Dog – Cremation Costs for Canines

One of the most difficult facts of nature that’s hard to face is that our pets, especially our canine companions, never live as long as we do. When it’s your pet’s time to go and you have to face their afterlife options, looking into dog cremation costs can be difficult, and there are certain factors to consider before you cremate your beloved companion.

Training – Teaching Your Dog to Sit

So you have a new puppy or perhaps a dog that you have rescued who is now your new best friend… Now what? Teaching your dog to sit is the first step to controlling his behaviour and should be the first command that is taught. Although sitting is completely natural for a dog to do, following the command to sit is not. Mastering this command will help you in your training of your dog.

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