Week 1: This is what I’ve Taught My Puppy! Housetraining, Biting, Leash Walking,, & more!

Dog Medicine to Help Your Puppy Feel Better

Between twelve and twenty-five million puppies and kittens are born in the U.S. each year. Most of them find permanent homes.

Five Rules to Prevent Out-Of-Control Play Sessions, Especially With People

When rough play sessions get out-of-control, a number of unacceptable behaviors are in the making. It is imperative to know how to curb it, before you have a behavior modification problem.

Scared Dog – How To Cure Noise Phobias

Dogs are scared of loud sounds. You may have noticed that your dog’s behavior changes whenever there are sudden loud sounds. Environmental noise phobia is the term that a lot of dog owners as well as veterinarians use to describe the behavioral responses that dogs exhibit whenever they hear loud sounds.

How To Help Your Dog Cope And Overcome Anxiety And Fear Of Loud Noises

Most dogs as well as other animals are traumatized by loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, traffic and gunshots. Bear in mind that animals are not accustomed to such noises in their natural environment and such sounds mean that there is danger in the vicinity. A dog afraid of thunderstorms or any other loud noise is merely acting from instinct.

When To Start Training Your Dog

Training your puppy really should start as soon as 6 weeks old. In general, puppies under 6 months may benefit greatly from their experiences with their brothers, sisters, and mother. This is where they discover the fundamental “social graces”. The earlier you can start training your new pup, the more effective the final results will be.

Using Ivermectin for Demodectic Mange, Explained

Go to a vet with a demodectic mange problem and eight times out of ten they’ll give you some Ivermectin (Ivomec) for it. It’s the standard prescription drug for dogs suffering from the skin problem, and the success rate is decent for a medicine developed relatively recently. But how much do you really know about Ivermectin? Do you know that prolonged use may in fact worsen the demodectic mange currently affecting your dog, or the fact that it can kill Border Collies and other herding breeds when only a small amount is administered? Read this article to find out more about how Ivermectin deals with demodectic mange, and why it may not be the wonder drug you’re looking for.

Pet Health and Safety During the Cold, Winter Months

First of all, consider keeping your cat inside. Some people consider their felines “outdoor cats” but if you want to keep your cat alive and healthy, it is best to leave her indoors. If the temperature gets cold enough, cats can become injured or even freeze to death. Other possible negative consequences of letting your cat stay outside include increased exposure to fatal diseases such as rabies. If your cat is very experienced with living outdoors, then she most likely knows how to survive, however if you choose to let her stay outside, make sure that you bang loudly on the hood of your car before you start it. This may sound silly, but the hood of a car is a warm place to hang out.

My Dog Is Losing Weight – Causes of Unhealthy Weight Loss

Is your dog losing weight for no apparent reason such as a diet change or increased physical activity? Know the causes and symptoms of unhealthy weight loss.

Tear Staining: What Causes Canine Tear Stains and How to Remedy

Have you ever seen a dog with red or brown marks under their eyes? Maybe you thought it looked like “goop”? This is actually called tear staining and can be caused by a number of underlying conditions.

Depression in Dogs – Causes, Symptoms and Bringing Back Happy

We all know that humans can get depressed, but did you know that depression in dogs is just as real? Know the causes and how to spot the signs so you can tend to your dog’s needs and bring back happy times.

Canine Coronavirus – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Canine coronavirus infection (CCV) sounds intimidating, as it should be because it is a highly contagious disease that can be found in dogs all over the world. Understand the symptoms, causes and how to treat it.

Allergies in Dogs – Causes, Symptoms and Helpful Treatments

We don’t always think about dogs being allergic, however allergies in dogs is a common ailment. Learn more about causes, symptoms and treatments.

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