Training 3 Things: Come When Called, Leash Walking and Fetch!

Owner’s Guide to Optimum Dog Health

To quote a famous musician “Love is all you need.” Well… love and exercise and a healthy diet! Learn more about raising a healthy dog!

Unsightly Dog Tear Stains – Causes and a Helpful Remedy

Does your dog have unsightly tear stains? Learn more about the different causes and possible remedies including Angel’s Eyes for dogs.

Cryptococcosis In Dogs – Symptoms and Treatment

Cryptococcosis is a fungal infection which is caused by Cryptococcus neoformans. Dogs which have acquired the infection usually suffer from severe problems that affect the central nervous system. The causative agent thrives well in soil and droppings of wild and domesticated pigeons. The feces of pigeons possess high levels of creatinine which creates a favorable environment for the fungus to flourish and survive.

Everything You Need to Know About Trimming a Dog’s Nails

Despite the fact that trimming a dog’s nails causes stress for the animal as well as the owner, it must be done as long nails can break, which can result in pain and possibly infection, or could create an irregular gait that could eventually lead to skeletal damage. There is a way that you could make the entire process a little easier on you and your dog.

How To Be The Alpha Male When Walking Your Dog

Taking your dog for a leisurely walk shouldn’t be traumatizing for you or them, but many new pet owners find that they are the ones being led by a leash. To avoid being dominated and to maintain a safe, healthy control of your canine, you will need to learn how to be leader of the pack.

Basic Facts You Should Comprehend When It Comes To Dog Ticks

Taking the dog to explore the woodland or other areas that have an abundance of greenery might be a remarkable time for both you and them, yet there’s definitely a really good likelihood that you ‘ll come back with some unwelcome visitors. Ticks are one of the most common types of parasites that influence dogs– and as a product of this, they can often be passed on to humans as well.

Basic Points You Need To Know Regarding Parvovirus In Dogs

Considering studying methods to identify canine parvovirus? This article unveils the things you must understand…

How Do You Take Care Of Distemper In Dogs?

By a long way the easiest method to defend against your dog from experiencing distemper is to guarantee they’re vaccinated for the sickness as a puppy. If they do come to be infected with the virus treatment selections are pretty limited.

Dog Food: Secrets To Feeding Your Dog Better

Knowing what to feed your dog is one of the most important decisions you can make affecting your dog’s health. In this article I want to give you some of my secrets to feeding your dog a healthy food. What to look for, what not to feed, what to add to your dog’s diet, and ultimately how you can decide this for yourself.

Dogs and Chocolate: What Every Dog Owner Should Know

Chocolate in surprisingly small amounts can seriously affect your dog, and in some cases cause your dog to die. Small animal veterinarians are seeing increasing number of dogs with chocolate toxicity as more of us are eating the ‘healthier’ dark chocolate. Unfortunately your dog only needs to eat 1/3 as much dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate to become seriously ill. In this article I will show you why chocolate is toxic, the types and amounts that will cause poisoning, the symptoms of toxicity, and what you can do if your pet consumes chocolate.

Why You Should Adopt Your Next Dog

Animal shelters and humane societies are the perfect place to find your next companion. Let’s face it, we Americans have a huge overcrowding problem in our animal shelters. Every day in the U.S. on average 10,000 babies are born while 70,000 puppies and kittens are born, there is absolutely no way possible that we will have enough homes for all of those animals.

Facts You Might Want To Know When It Comes To The Top 5 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Looking into studying details on popular hypoallergenic dog breeds? This report divulges the things you must be aware of…

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