How to reassure your dog when something throws them off

My Dog Barks When The Doorbell Rings

Does your dog bark non stop, driving you absolutely crazy? Mine doesn’t but I know that many do, but there are ways of reducing the incessant need to woof it up, you just have to know them.

How To Control Excessive Barking By Your Small Dog

Many people who have small dogs find they have trouble with dog barking control. How DO you stop dog barking problems? Small dogs, it seems, will bark at just about anything, the mailman, house guests, even little children walking down the sidewalk. Heaven forbid, a bicycle or a jogger should pass by. Those who have small dogs often live in apartments, with neighbors who may be easily disturbed by so much barking. Some people work graveyard shift and must sleep during the day, so it is good for the small dog owner to learn a variety of dog barking control methods to limit their dogs barking if they wish to remain on good terms with their neighbors and landlord.

Diverse Conceivable Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Eat

Bloat is a absolutely possible reason why your dog wont eat, significantly in larger dogs with deep chests, this circumstance is known as GDV or Gastric Dilation Volvulus, it will set in quickly commencing a meal and can be life threatening. Bloat is often recognised before a dog can decline a meal in addition the sooner you do remedy bloat the larger the probability of your dogs survival. And additionally it will need to be notable that any sized dog can be associated with bloat and all dogs must be treated and taken to a vet…

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Summer is a time for fun – swimming, picnics, baseball games, and playing with your dog in your newly mowed lawn. The only downside to summer is the heat! For us humans it’s easy to keep a tall glass of lemonade around or crank the air conditioning up to keep us cool during these months. But our pets don’t often have it so easy. It can be miserable for your dog to be stuck in the heat for long periods of time with no way to keep cool. While it’s obviously preferable to keep your best friend indoors when the weather gets hot, sometimes it’s not practical. If you absolutely have to keep your dog outside during these hot months, then there are a few simple things you can do to keep your dog safe and cool. You DON’T want to forget these tips – they are absolutely essential.

Human Foods That Are Good For Your Dog

All too often we hear we shouldn’t feed human foods to our dogs. Fact is, before the pet food industry and veterinarians realized there is an enormous fortune to be made in scaring and pressuring dog owners into buying their dog foods; for thousands of years, whatever a dog found, is what they ate!

Dogs In Cars – Getting Ready For Your Journey

Write-up devoted to steps you need to take to prepare for taking your dog in the car. It includes suggestions to help to make the trip comfortable and safe for your dog.

What Dog Food Is Best For Your Dog?

It is easy to see why dogs are so popular when it comes to choosing a pet. Dogs are the friendliest animals and are indeed man’s best friend. Apart from being the best pet and pal, dogs require commitment and attention from their owners.

Boxer Puppy Training

Boxer dogs are very playful, intelligent, obedient and friendly. Boxers are not like other breed. You cannot leave it in a chain.

From Puppy Pariah to Puppy Prestige

With names like mutt, mongrel and “god knows what,” mix breed dogs have always been the outcast of the canine community. Well, these discriminative dog days are over. Enter the hybrid.

Pet Strollers – A Walking Alternative

Walking old, ailing or injured pets, small dogs in particular, can be stressful to them and you. This is the main reason why a growing number of people are turning to pet strollers. They make life a little easier for their pets, and themselves. So, if your small dog just cannot keep up with you on your daily walks then carry him or her around in a stroller. If you are not too familiar with this handy, mobile contraption, here is what you should know.

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Dog For The New Dog Owner

For many of us, our dogs are not simply companions that we have around us when we are at our home, they are members of our family. That is why any responsible pet owner is going to make sure that they take care of their pets properly in every respect. It is necessary to do this because in some cases, our dogs are unable to take care of themselves.

Interactive Dog Toys: Where to Get Them, Good Ways To Use Them

In this article we will be answering questions such as; What Is an Interactive Dog Toy? Where can I find Interactive Dog Toys? Recommended Interactive Toys for beginner dogs and advanced dogs, Good uses for Interactive dog toys, Easy ways to fill them, and time saving tips! We hope you enjoy this article and find it helpful.

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